The Carnegie Medal is awarded annually to the writer of an outstanding book for children.

It was established by in 1936, in memory of the great Scottish-born philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919). ANDREW_CARNEGIECarnegie was a self-made industrialist who made his fortune in steel in the USA. His experience of using a library as a child led him to resolve that "if ever wealth came to me that it should be used to establish free libraries." Carnegie set up more than 2800 libraries across the English speaking world and, by the time of his death, over half the library authorities in Great Britain had Carnegie libraries.

First awarded to Arthur Ransome for ‘Pigeon Post’, the winner receives a golden medal and £500 worth of books to donate to a library of their choice.

The medal is awarded by CILIP: the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals..

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The CILIP Carnegie Medal 2010

Winner: Neil Gaiman's,  THE GRAVEYARD BOOK, has already won the UK Booktrust Teenage Prize and America's prestigious Newbury Medal, a 2009 Hugo and a Locus Award for best YA novel.


Bloomsbury (Age range 11+)
ISBN: 9780747598077
Bloomsbury (Age range 9+)
ISBN: 9780747569015
Penguin (Age range 14+)
ISBN: 9780141325736
Oxford University Press (Age range 12+)
ISBN: 9780192792150
Walker (Age range 14+)
ISBN: 9781406310269
Doubleday (Age range 11+)
ISBN: 9780385613705
Scholastic (Age range 9+)
ISBN: 9781407102429
Orion (Age range 12+)
ISBN: 9781842551868

2009 Carnegie Medal Winner & Shortlists


ISBN: 9781862305915 - Bog Child(Age range: 12+)

Digging for peat in the mountain with his Uncle Tally, Fergus finds something that makes his heart stop. Curled up deep in the bog is the body of the child. And it looks as if she’s been murdered. As Fergus tries to make sense of the troubled world around him (it is 1980s Ireland), a little voice come to him in his dreams and the mystery of the bog child unfurls.

This is a beautifully written and controlled novel, strong on dialogue but with some beautiful descriptive phrases as well. The dual narrative is deftly done and Dowd is very good on family relationships and the atmosphere of the times. The ending is satisfying, and the whole believable and unflinching.

Other Shortlisted

ISBN: 9780141322216 - AirmanCOLFER, EOIN Airman
Puffin (Age range: 9+)

One dark night on the island of Great Saltee, fourteen-year-old Conor is framed for a terriblecrime he didn't commit. Thrown into prison by the dastardly Hugo Bonvilain, Conor is trapped in a sea swept dungeon and branded a traitor. He must escape and clear his name; he wants his old life back - his family, his friends... and his princess.

This is a rollicking read; a terrific tale of derring-do in which Colfer combines brilliant plotting with his customary humour and strong well-rounded characterisation. There is plenty to enjoy in the understated irony and the excellent descriptions of historical gadgets and inventions, but this book also has a convincing and engaging emotional reality.

ISBN: 9780099456575 - Ostrich BoysGRAY, KEITH Ostrich Boys (Definitions)
Definitions (Age range: 12+)

Kenny, Sim and Blake are about to embark on a remarkable journey. Stealing the urn that contains the ashes of their best friend Ross, they set out to travel 261 miles from Cleethorpes on the English east coast, to the tiny hamlet of Ross in southern Scotland, in a bid to give their friend a proper send-off.

A beautifully realised rite of passage novel, very strong on the relationships between its central characters and accurate about the emotions of teenage boys. The dialogue is particularly powerful and the pace of the plot just right in this authentic book about the end of childhood and the beginning of adult lives.

ISBN: 9781406310252 - The Knife of Never Letting Go (bk. 1)NESS, PATRICK The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking)
Walker (Age range: 14+)

Todd Hewitt is the last boy in Prentisstown, a town like no other where everyone can hear everyone else’s thoughts in a constant, overwhelming, never-ending Noise. There is no privacy and there are no secrets. Or are there? Just one month away from the birthday that will make him a man, Todd unexpectedly stumbles on a spot of complete silence. And now he is going to have to run…

A bleak and unflinching novel with fascinating characters and extraordinary dialogue which creates a fully-realised world that the reader really buys into. The dog Manchee is an inspired creation! Ness conveys a real sense of terror and the ending is devastating. A novel that really stands out.

ISBN: 9781862303508 - Creature of the NightTHOMPSON, KATE Creature of the Night (Definitions)
Bodley Head (Age range: 14+)

When Bobby’s mother moves the family into a rented house in the country, a neighbour tells him that achild was once murdered there. Bobby doesn’t care. All he wants is to get back to Dublin and resume his old life stealing cars. But getting his old life back turns out to be difficult, especially as the longer he spends in the old cottage, the more convinced he becomes that something strange is going on there.

A profoundly moving and believable novel by a natural storyteller which really gets the teenage experience. The language is strong but not gratuitous, the story gripping and powerful, and Bobby a character you care about despite his wayward tendencies.

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ISBN: 9781407103587 - Here Lies ArthurPhilip Reeve's Here Lies Arthur wins the 2008 Carnegie Medal

26th June, 2008, London- Here Lies Arthur, by Philip Reeve , casts King Arthur as abloodthirsty tyrant and Merlin as his political spin doctor has won the 2008 Carnegie Medal for children's literature. Some of his characters bear more than a passing resemblance to modern-day political figures.

Merlin (here named Myrddin) is not a magician but a hard nosed, Alastair Campbell type [a hard-headed English political PR spin-doctor who work for ex- Prime Minister Tony Blair] who recognises that the Celts needs a strong leader and sets out to create a myth around Arthur, a "war-mongering, self-interested thug".

One of Merlin's PR stunts is the Lady of the Lake, who turns out to be a young servant girl made to hold her breath under the water with a sword in her hand.

The Carnegie Medal - or "the Booker of the playground", as it is sometimes known - is awarded annually for or an outstanding work of fiction for young people, and is judged by the nation's librarians.

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The Carnegie medal shortlist 2008

2008 Winner & Short listed Titles

ISBN: 9781407103587 - Here Lies Arthur | ISBN: 9781842555705 - Gatty's Tale | ISBN: 9780141320939 - Ruby Red |ISBN: 9780330456999 - Crusade| ISBN: 9781406303315 - Apache | ISBN: 9780141322469 - What I Was | ISBN: 9780007229628 - Finding Violet Park

Winner: Here Lies Arthur- WINNER Philip Reeve

  • Gatty's Tale, Kevin Crossley-Holland, (Age range: 10+)- The magnificent picaresque story of a medievalpilgrimage. Of all the characters in THE SEEING STONE and AT THE CROSSING-PLACES, it is Gatty the village girl - steadfast, forthright, innocent and wise - who has won the hearts of readers.
  • Ruby Red , Linzi Glass , (Age range: 12+)- In Ruby Winters' world, colour opens some doors and slams othersshut. Her Johannesburg neighbourhood is a far cry from the streets of Soweto where anger and hatred simmer under the surface. Ruby can't resist the blue-eyed Afrikaans boy who brings...
  • Crusade, Elizabeth Laird, (Age range: 10+)- Adam grabs the chance to join the Crusade to reclaim Jerusalem.He burns with determination to strike down the infidel enemy. Salim's father buys him an apprenticeship with a travelling doctor, to keep him safe. But Salim's employment leads him to...
  • Apache, Tanya Landman, (Age range: 12+)- Siki is an orphan of the Black Mountain Apache. Her mother was killed by Mexicans three years ago and her father lost in an ambush the winter before that. When Siki witnesses the brutal murder of her little brother Tazhi, she vows to become an...
  • What I Was, Meg Rosoff - (Age range: 12+)- 'd been kicked out of two boarding schools and the last thing I wanted was to be here, on the East Anglian coast, in a third. But without St. Oswald's, I would not have discovered the fisherman's hut with its roaring fire, its striped blankets...
  • Finding Violet Park, Jenny Valentine (Age range: 12+)
  • Narrated by the most compelling voice since Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, this is a quirky and original voyage of self-discovery triggered by a lost urn of ashes. Narrated by the most compelling voice since Curious Incident of the...

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Previous Carnegie Medal Winners 1936- 2007

Please note that before 2007 the year refers to when the book was published rather than when the medal was awarded i.e. the 2005 winner was announced and the medal presented in July 2006.

2007 Meg Rosoff, Just in Case, Penguin

2005 Mal Peet, Tamar, Walker Books

2004 Frank Cottrell Boyce, Millions, Macmillan

2003 Jennifer Donnelly, A Gathering Light, Bloomsbury Children's Books

2002 Sharon Creech, Ruby Holler, Bloomsbury Children's Books

2001 Terry Pratchett, The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (New Windmill), Doubleday

2000 Beverley Naidoo, The Other Side of Truth, Puffin

1999 Aidan Chambers, Postcards from No Man's Land (Dance Sequence 5), Bodley Head

1998 David Almond, Skellig, Hodder Children's Books

1997 Tim Bowler, River Boy: 2006 Edition, OUP

1996 Melvin Burgess, Junk (Puffin Teenage Fiction), Andersen Press

1995 Philip Pullman, Northern Lights (His Dark Materials), Scholastic

1994 Theresa Breslin, Whispers in the Graveyard (New Windmill), Methuen

1993 Robert Swindells, Stone Cold (Puffin Teenage Fiction), H Hamilton

1992 Anne Fine, Flour Babies: Play (Plays Plus), H Hamilton

1991 Berlie Doherty, Dear Nobody: Play (Plays Plus), H Hamilton

1990 Gillian Cross, Wolf (Oxford Children's Modern Classics), OUP

1989 Anne Fine, Goggle-eyes (Puffin Books) H Hamilton

1988 Geraldine McCaughrean, A Pack of Lies, OUP

1987 Susan Price, The Ghost Drum, Faber

1986 Berlie Doherty, Granny Was a Buffer Girl, Methuen

1985 Kevin Crossley-Holland, Storm (Yellow Bananas), Heinemann

1984 Margaret Mahy, The Changeover (Collins Modern Classics), Dent

1983 Jan Mark, Handles (Puffin Books), Kestrel

1982 Margaret Mahy, The Haunting (Puffin Books), Dent

1981 Robert Westall, The Scarecrows (Puffin Teenage Fiction), Chatto & Windus

1980 Peter Dickinson, City of Gold and Other Stories from the Old Testament, Gollancz

1979 Peter Dickinson, Tulku, Gollancz

1978 David Rees, The Exeter Blitz , H Hamilton

1977 Gene Kemp, The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler, Faber

1976 Jan Mark, Thunder and Lightnings (Puffin Modern Classics), Kestrel

1975 Robert Westall, The Machine Gunners, Macmillan

1974 Mollie Hunter, The Stronghold (A Kelpie Paperback), H Hamilton

1973 Penelope Lively, The Ghost of Thomas Kempe, Heinemann

1972 Richard Adams, Watership Down, Rex Collings

1971 Ivan Southall, Josh, Angus & Robertson

1970 Leon Garfield & Edward Blishen, The God Beneath the Sea, Longman

1969 Kathleen Peyton, The Edge of the Cloud, OUP

1968 Rosemary Harris, The Moon in the Cloud, Faber

1967 Alan Garner, The Owl Service, Collins

1966 Prize withheld as no book considered suitable

1965 Philip Turner, The Grange at High Force, OUP

1964 Sheena Porter, Nordy Bank, OUP

1963 Hester Burton, Time of Trial, OUP

1962 Pauline Clarke, The Twelve and the Genii, Faber

1961 Lucy M Boston, A Stranger at Green Knowe, Faber

1960 Dr I W Cornwall, The Making of Man, Phoenix House

1959 Rosemary Sutcliff, The Lantern Bearers, OUP

1958 Philipa Pearce, Tom's Midnight Garden, OUP

1957 William Mayne, A Grass Rope, OUP

1956 C S Lewis, The Last Battle, Bodley Head

1955 Eleanor Farjeon, The Little Bookroom, OUP

1954 Ronald Welch (Felton Ronald Oliver), Knight Crusader, OUP

1953 Edward Osmond, A Valley Grows Up

1952 Mary Norton, The Borrowers, Dent

1951 Cynthia Harnett, The Woolpack, Methuen

1950 Elfrida Vipont Foulds, The Lark on the Wing, OUP

1949 Agnes Allen, The Story of Your Home, Faber

1948 Richard Armstrong, Sea Change, Dent

1947 Walter De La Mare, Collected Stories for Children

1946 Elizabeth Goudge, The Little White Horse, University of London Press

1945 Prize withheld as no book considered suitable

1944 Eric Linklater, The Wind on the Moon, Macmillan

1943 Prize withheld as no book considered suitable

1942 'BB' (D J Watkins-Pitchford), The Little Grey Men, Eyre & Spottiswoode

1941 Mary Treadgold, We Couldn't Leave Dinah, Cape

1940 Kitty Barne, Visitors from London, Dent

1939 Eleanor Doorly, Radium Woman, Heinemann

1938 Noel Streatfeild, The Circus is Coming, Dent

1937 Eve Garnett, The Family from One End Street, Muller

1936 Arthur Ransome, Pigeon Post, Cape

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